GPS Watch
Live Tracking

Ideal For: Vehicle Tracking; Person Tracking, Lone Workers, Children and Elderly Parents.

RRP: £286.00
Our Price: £235.00
incl. VAT

  Product Information

One of the biggest problems with GPS tracking devices is how to carry them? The FollowUs "boffin's" have radically solved this problem with the delivery of the GPS watch.

Ideal if you have children, an elderly parent, or perhaps you travel abroad and wish to improve your security. The GPS watch will pinpoint your location to within meters, as well as tell you the precise time as set by the US military GPS satellites! The GPS watch does need to be outside or near a window to position itself.

Whilst the possibilities are great - the price is low at only £199.00 excluding VAT.

This is a turning point for GPS tracking solutions and uses free mapping so the only cost is the purchase of the GPS watch and the sim card you install in it.

To track the GPS watch you use your mobile phone rather then a PC. The simple process is as follows:

  • You call the sim card that you have place in your GPS watch from your mobile, when you want to know its location.

  • The GPS watch determines its location and then sends a text message back to your mobile phone with a map link.

  • Click on the map link that is displayed on your mobile phone and your mobile will download a map showing the device's precise location (you need a mid range phone or upwards with colour screen and GPRS connectivity to be able to view the map).

  • The mapping is free as we use static Google maps, so for this product you only have the one-off cost to buy the GPS watch and there are no other payments or mapping costs for the life of the product.

  • The GPS watch is market beating and one of a very small number that is designed to work in conjunction with your mobile phone, so you can track it whilst on the move.
  Detailed Specification

GSM chip

MTK MT6223 + MT6139

2 band GSM antenna

A : GSM850 and PCS1900 MHz,
B : GSM900, and DCS1800 MHz

GPS chip

Chip Set: MTK 3318 single chip
Cold start :36 sec.
Warm start: 33 sec.
Hot start: 2 sec.
Channels: 32 parallel channels


32 parallel channels


57.0 x 43.0 x 21.0 mm


64 M bit NOR flash and 32 M bit SRAM


1 power switch and 2 function buttons.

IO interface

Mini USB : Dedicate 12-pin Mini-USB connector with USB virtual port


400 mAh, rechargeable, Li-Ion battery, Max 140 hrs working time, Continuous tracking with position fix at 15 minute interval: 60 hours.


Input 100~240 V ~ 0.2 A MAX,
DC output 5VDC/1A

LCD Display:

96*65 dots FSTN, Viewing Area: 27.8mm * 18.9mm


GPRS class B
GPRS multi-slot class 12

Assist GPS

Support MTK GPS technology – EPO technology to shorten GPS cold start time.


Ability to receive and transmit SMS. Capability to setting or operating by SMS. And send location information with SMS.


Support TCP/IP, to download data from or upload data to the dedicated server


Support Location log. The maximal number for location log is 70,000 records.

Environment temperature

Operating Temp : 0℃ to 50℃
Storage Temp : -20℃ to 60℃

Splash Resistant


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